AGA’S HOUSE [2019]: ‘KVIFF’ Review – An Empathetic Coming-Of-Age Drama Set In The Land Of Women

Award-winning Kosovar writer-director Lendita Zeqiraj’s debut feature “Aga’s House” is about a boy growing up in a house full of women. Playful, funny and ultimately quietly heartbreaking, Zeqiraj’s departure from short films is a brilliant drama about how empathy not only heals but ultimately makes one grow.

The film opens with a technicolor look at the world. Aga (Arti Lokaj) – A small, innocent boy is on his own, enjoying his time in a natural habitat. He sells cigarettes and occasionally some weed to locales. He carries them around so that he can always make a quick buck. Wishing to see his father is his one true aim in life. The other is, of course, trying to understand if he should really be sensitive, docile or authoritative. Being surrounded by 5 women his understanding is quite wobbly.

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